About Nasab Realites

Nasab realities is a telecom marketing company which specializes in selling telecom products to small and medium enterprises (SME)

We are strategic partners with 9mobile and also business partners with globacom.

Nasab realities is a global leader in mobile airtime top-ups

  • Network of 550+ mobile operators in 135+ countries
  • 8 years experience
  • Over 20,000 registered distributors worldwide
  • Full suite of offerings – mobile airtime, data bundles, e-vouchers and other goods and services

We are proud To operates a Cross-Border Mobile Payments Network for emerging markets via web, mobile app and ussd.

Our Mission

We fulfill our mission when with dignity our distributors can be who they want to be regardless of race, background or ethnicity. We will build our company and train our members with courage and exam plenary leadership.


Our Vision

To create 1,000,000 millionaires in every nation through the wealth of the telecom industry.